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"Peek a Boo" Official Teaser 11 We see you… Here’s the eleventh teaser for American Horror Story: Freak Show!

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Jessica Lange as Elsa Mars in “American Horror Story. Freak show”.

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Frances Conroy & Jessica Lange -American Horror Story

lexie2427 said: Do you know any foreshadowing hints from murder house about asylum, asylum to coven, and coven to freak show?


I’ve answered this countless times but I don’t feel like going through my archive to find the last time I did, so I’ll just reiterate:

Murder House to Asylum: The main clue came from Billie Dean in the “Birth” episode, when she said that the house harbored negative energy, similar to what’s found in prisons and asylums. Vivien was also institutionalized for a few episodes. The Harmons also came from Massachusetts, which is where Asylum takes place.

Asylum to Coven: The clues mainly came from the jukebox songs: “I Put a Spell on You” and “Love Potion No. 9”. Sister Jude also told Kit in “Continuum” that one day she’s going to “fly her ass right out of there” and that she doesn’t need a hat, hinting that she would be a witch the next season. There was also the debated hint that Lana wore ruby slippers during the Name Game, which alludes to The Wizard of Oz, which had witches.

Coven to Freak Show: Lots of clues up for debate, so I’ll just say them all. Madison calls Nan “Mumbles the Clown" in "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks", and Fiona tells Myrtle that "life is a carnival" in "The Sacred Taking". Kyle and Zoe run off to Florida, which is where Freak Show is taking place. Queenie wore a shirt that said "freak" on it in "Boy Parts", and Fiona warned Cordelia that a witch could be videotaped and turned into a viral freak show in “Bitchcraft”. In the finale we get an aerial view of Myrtle’s burning and some think it looks like a clown, with her red dress as the red nose.

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Telling your friends what amercian horror story is about


Telling your friends what amercian horror story is about

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